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Friday 14th May

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Stronger Somerset

Wednesday 24th February

Dear Members, forwarded for information; this release will be sent to the media this morning.

District Council Leaders encourage residents to take once-in-a-generation chance to transform lives across Somerset

Somerset’s district councils have welcomed the launch of a public consultation on the Stronger Somerset plan to deliver better jobs, affordable homes, stronger communities and a carbon zero county.

Local Government Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP launched the consultation on the evening of Monday 22 February. The consultation period will run for 8 weeks until Monday 19 April.

District council Leaders are now encouraging residents to have their say and to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation chance to transform lives across our county.

Leader of Mendip District Council, Cllr Ros Wyke, said: “Stronger Somerset is the fresh start our county needs. We have a plan for the county’s needs now and into the future that will deliver better jobs, affordable homes, stronger communities and a carbon zero county. This is not about simply creating a bigger, cheaper version of what we have now. Stronger Somerset proposes deep, fundamental reform that will transform the places and quality of life in Somerset and give residents excellent, value-for-money services.”

Leader of Sedgemoor District Council, Cllr Duncan McGinty, said: “We need reform – without it, the county will go broke. Savings from reorganisation would soon be eaten up by spiralling costs of adults’ and children’s services, if they continue to be run as they are. Only the Stronger Somerset business case sets out the ideas, fresh thinking and evidence to show how reform can be achieved and sustain excellent services right across our communities.”

Leader of Somerset West and Taunton Council, Cllr Federica Smith-Roberts, said: “Creating two councils from five is the opportunity to cut duplication in administration and support services and use the savings for targeted investment where resources are most needed, early intervention to prevent dependency on crisis services, new approaches in adults’ and children’s services and locally-led solutions to reduce demand on services. This is not about simply creating a bigger, cheaper version of what we have now. Moving the deckchairs around and changing the name plate won’t cut it.”

Leader of South Somerset District Council, Cllr Val Keitch, said: “The two new councils we propose will each cover distinct areas based on established local economies as well as aligning with existing boundaries used by emergency services and the health service. This is the right solution for a county of Somerset’s size, recognising the important differences of our diverse communities. These new councils will be small enough, so they know you and you know them, but big enough to be effective and economic. They will meet the needs of their local communities and work together for the benefit of the whole county.”

Stronger Somerset proposes two unitary authorities, covering western and eastern Somerset, to replace the five current councils. This arrangement reflects and serves the geographic, social and economic differences across the county.

Every Somerset resident will have one council responsible for their services, one set of councillors, and one council tax bill. These new councils would work closely with each other to coordinate policy and share back-office services where it makes sense.

For more information on the Stronger Somerset proposal go to

To respond to the Government’s consultation, go to You can also respond by email or post.

The Government is also consulting on Somerset County Council’s alternative proposal, One Somerset.



Wednesday 20th January

The Town Council will consider filling, by co-option, a casual vacancy for a Councillor at its meeting to be held on 8th February 2021 via Zoom at 7:15 pm
Anyone interested in serving the community in this way and who wants to become a candidate for co-option should obtain an application form for candidacy from the Town Clerk
Completed application forms should be returned to the Clerk by 3rd February 2021.
Information on eligibility, the role of the Town Council and its schedule of meetings may be obtained from the Town Clerk.

Asst Town Clerk

Wednesday 13th January

North Petherton Town Council is looking to appoint someone to a new part time post of Assistant Town Clerk. The successful applicant will join a small team that is working hard to meet the challenges presented by a significant growth in population in recent years that has not been matched by an improvement in services and the provision of new infrastructure.
Based at home, you will be working with our Town Clerk to manage the activities and deliver the objectives of the Council. We offer flexible hours, ranging from 10 to 15 per week, a salary of up to £12 per hour and membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Further details of the duties, terms and conditions can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk at or on 01823 431702.
Closing date 12th February 2021

Previous applicants are welcome to apply

New Year Message

Friday 1st January

Town Mayor’s New Year Message 2021

Cllr Alan Bradford

Perhaps now, more than any other year, we should be looking forward and not dwelling overlong on the year just gone. 2020 was not what any of us expected or hoped for, but there are a few positives that we can take from it, before we move on to a better 2021. Living and working in the area represented by North Petherton Town Council, I was struck many times by how local people worked together to help each other through the difficult times we all faced. I believe that the Town Council played its part to maintain local services and to step in when Sedgemoor and Somerset County councils were having to cut back, so that life in lockdown was not as bad as it might have been, and I would like to thank my fellow councillors for all that they have done to make this possible. But before leaving the old year behind, I must also express my gratitude to our health workers and other front line staff, who have worked tirelessly on our behalf and who, unfortunately, must continue to do so for some while to come.

Let us hope that the New Year will be better, not just than last year, but than many previous years, as we build on the community spirit that has now come to the fore. I will certainly do my best to ensure that the Town Council plays its part to the full. I look forward to meeting people on the streets and in the countryside again and helping them to deal with their problems and issues. I also hope to meet as a Council again face to face and not on a computer screen. I call upon our county and district councils and other public agencies, when we can be together again, to work together so that our community and local businesses really can bounce back.

Let us all hope and work for a truly Happy New Year.

Library reopens

Monday 30th November

Following the end of the national lockdown, the library in North Petherton will reopen on December 2nd 2020. This will also be the case for the public toilets and the facilities at Parkersfield

Audit completed

Monday 16th November

The audit of the Council's accounts has been completed. The relevant notices will be posted on the notice boards and copies can also be download from here

North Petherton Library

Thursday 5th November

The Library in North Petherton will be closed from 5th November 2020 to comply with the Government’s lockdown procedures.

The position will be kept under review as the situation changes and any new guidance is issued.

Town Council backs two Council option

Sunday 20th September

North Petherton Town Council unanimously agreed, this week, to back the district council led plans for two new unitary authorities for Somerset. The “Stronger Somerset” proposals have been put forward in response to the bid by the County Council to replace the present two tier system of local government in the county with a single unitary council.
Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford said:“Whilst we wonder about the wisdom of pursuing local government reform at this time of crisis, we believe that having just one principal authority covering the whole of Somerset would not really be local government at all. As Members of a truly local council, we understand the vital importance of being close to the community. The more centralised and remote you become, the less you are able to respond effectively to people’s needs.”

Turf cutting ceremony

Friday 18th September

The official turf cutting ceremony for the exciting Memorial Park Improvement Project took place recently in North Petherton. Pictured below from left to right are: Gary Hobbs, headteacher North Petherton Primary School, Dan McAlwane, project manager HAGS, Peter Clayton, Chairman Sedgemoor District Council, Alan Bradford Mayor of North Petherton and Linda Hyde Chairman of the North Petherton Playing Fields Trust, which is responsible for the project.

The scheme will deliver the latest range of play equipment together with new sports, fitness and arts facilities and landscaped areas, specified by the Trust following public consultation and designed and provided by international specialist supplier HAGS. Total investment will be around £250,000, the majority of which has been funded by grants. Major contributions have been received from the Hinkley Point Community Fund and Viridor Credits, whilst significant amounts have also been donated by Sedgemoor DC, North Petherton Town Council and housing developers Persimmon and Larkfleet.

Town Mayor Cllr Alan Bradford, who cut the turf, said: "It is vital that community facilities keep pace with the rapid development that is taking place in our area. I am very pleased that the Trust has been able to access these funds and improve this important local asset, and I thank Linda Hyde and her team for all their hard work in progressing the scheme."

Library reopens

Tuesday 1st September

North Petherton library will reopen to the public on 1st September as part of the Town Council’s plans to carefully move back to normality following the covid lockdown. The need to maintain social distancing will mean that access will be restricted and opening times will be delayed by half an hour, with the library also closing half an hour earlier. The lunchtime opening provided by volunteers from the Friends of the Library will also have to be kept on hold until the risk from the virus reduces further. More details can be found on the Somerset Libraries website.

In line with this initiative, the public toilets in the town, which are provided by the Council in conjunction with the Community Centre Committee, will also reopen on 1st September.


New entrance for Memorial park

Monday 24th August

North Petherton Playing Fields Trust is installing new gates at its Memorial Park in North Petherton. Financed by a government funded grant from Sedgemoor Council, new gates and a redesigned entrance area will improve the safety of the access and help to prevent unauthorized use of the park.
Chairman of the Trust, Cllr Linda Hyde said: “With the major enhancements to the park that we are about to undertake, it was important that that we improved the safety arrangements at the main entrance and also made it is as difficult as possible for unauthorized vehicles to access the field.”
Cllr James Barham who has been managing the project, said: “Work on the new gates will take place at the beginning of September when the school holidays have ended. Our aim has been to improve both safety and security whilst ensuring that the entrance fits in with the surrounding area.”
Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford said: “I am especially pleased that we have been able to move quickly on this. Thanks to help from the Williams family of North Newton, we were able to put a temporary barrier in place after a group of travellers occupied the field in the summer. Now we have been able to move rapidly to install a permanent solution. We had a covid compliant meeting on site with our contractor to agree exactly what was needed and that has meant that we have been able to get this done.”

Council marks 75th Anniversary

Monday 17th August

Council marks 75th Anniversary

North Petherton Town Council has agreed to plant a tree and provide a bench in each of the villages in its area to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Allies’ victory in the Second World War.

Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, who proposed the initiative, was determined that this important event should not go unmarked. “Our plans to celebrate VE day in May were thwarted by the virus crisis and the continuing threat of covid has meant that we could not do anything for VJ day either. However we must not let this historical landmark go unnoticed. There won’t be a Civic Service this year, again because of the pandemic, so we have agreed for part of that budget to be used to provide lasting reminders of the sacrifices and achievements of that remarkable generation”
The location of the memorial benches and the types of trees have been decided in consultation with local people in North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Wilstock and Stockmoor.

Affordable Homes

Thursday 9th July

Sedgemoor District Council Executive have agreed to buy six brand new carbon-neutral affordable homes on a mixed ownership scheme in Tuckerton Lane, North Newton.
Council officers worked with North Newton Housing Steering Group to establish the principles of a scheme to meet the specific housing needs of local people from North Newton, as well as being affordable homes.

North Petherton Playgrounds Reopen

Friday 3rd July

In line with the revised Government guidelines, the playgrounds at the Memorial and Parkersfield playing fields in North Petherton are reopening on 4th July. Obviously the virus continues to present a serious risk and people are advised to exercise care when using the equipment and to follow the guidance provided at the sites.

Annual Accounts Pre-Audit

Thursday 18th June

The following documents set out the pre-audit Statement of Accounts for the Town Council for the year ended 31st March 2020' together with an explanation of electors' rights of inspection. you can find them here

Travellers leave peacefully

Saturday 13th June

Memorial Playing Fields – Travellers leave peacefully
The group of travellers, which had moved onto the Memorial Fields in North Petherton on Wednesday evening, have now left.
Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, said: “North Petherton is, and always has been, a kind, tolerant and law abiding community, and it is these qualities which have been employed by people working quietly and conscientiously behind the scenes, that have underpinned the successful, peaceful and safe resolution of this incident. On behalf of our community I would like to particularly thank our Chairman of the Playing Fields Trust, Cllr Linda Hyde, and the local police who have worked tirelessly over the last couple of days to deal with this matter.”
“Things could have been different. We must not forget that we are in the middle of a fight against a deadly virus, a fight that, as recent statistics for the South West have shown, is far from won. It was therefore vital that this issue was resolved without risking the health and safety of our community”.
Although the travellers, as they agreed, left their rubbish in bags by the gates, immediate steps are now being taken to ensure that the fields are fully cleaned and open to the public as soon as possible.


Wednesday 10th June

Memorial Playing Fields
North Petherton


The gate to the Memorial Playing Fields in North Petherton was forced open during the night of 9th June 2020 and around seven caravans moved onto the land. This has meant, given the present circumstances, that the public are not able to use the playing fields safely.

The playing fields are owned by the North Petherton Playing Fields Charitable Trust and the Chairman of the Trust, Cllr Mrs Linda Hyde, has, today June 10th, issued a notice to the travellers requiring them to leave the land by 12 noon on 11th June 2020 or face possible action by the police.

The Trust hopes that this issue will be resolved amicably and swiftly and that members of the community will soon be able to enjoy the playing fields again.

Commenting on planning applications

Friday 22nd May

During the current pandemic, whilst the Town Council is unable to hold normal meetings, members of the public are asked to send any comments that they have on planning applications that are due to be considered to the Town Clerk by email. These will then be brought to the attention of Councillors before they reach decisions under the system of delegation set up to maintain the Council’s operations during the lock down.

A list of applications will be displayed on notice boards in the normal way and can also be found in the documents section of the Town Council’s website.

The next date for applications to be considered is Monday 25th May, and comments should be received by the Clerk before 4:00 pm on that day.

Cemetery now open

Saturday 18th April

Following the Minister for Local Government's announcement this afternoon that cemeteries should now reopen. the Council is pleased to say that Heathfield cemetery is now open again.

Message from the Mayor

Thursday 19th March

Message from Cllr Alan Bradford

Mayor of North Petherton Town Council

Community action in response to the coronavirus

“On behalf of the Town Council and all members of our community, I would like to thank everyone who is involved with the actions being taken to help our vulnerable residents during this unprecedented time of crisis. Your selflessness and effort will be of great benefit over the coming weeks and months and will, without doubt, be much appreciated by those in need of help.

I want to make it clear that the Town Council is here to support you in any way that we can. We put procedures in place before the crisis hit to enable the Council to continue to operate effectively during the lockdown and if any organisation or group needs our help, financial or otherwise, please contact me, the Town Clerk, or your local councillor and we will do whatever we can to support you in what you are doing”

Council moves into virtual mode

Wednesday 18th March

North Petherton Town Council has responded to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic by suspending its meetings until further notice, thus reducing the risk of spreading the disease particularly to those at most risk.
A comprehensive scheme of delegation was agreed at its last Council meeting, in anticipation of the crisis worsening, to ensure that services could continue and decisions could be made without the need to actually meet.
The public will continue to be encouraged to be involved in the Council’s activities by using email and the website, where all current matters will be displayed and all decisions listed.
Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, said: “It is important in such unprecedented times not to just carry on as normal, because things are far from normal. As a Council, we took the time to think carefully about what we might need to do should the situation demand it and to put the necessary procedures in place to enable us to act if and when the time came. That time has now clearly come. We all hope that we will soon be on the other side of this crisis, but in the meantime I and my fellow councillors will be doing all that we can to help the people of North Petherton get through it safely. I would urge everyone who can to visit our website so that they are fully aware of the actions that we are taking.”

Council meets to discuss the Climate Crisis

Sunday 2nd February

The Town Council is holding a Special Meeting on Monday 3rd February at 7:15 pm in the small hall of the community centre to discuss how it can help to address the Climate Crisis. There will be a number of speakers and the public are welcome to attend.

Local Group Honour the Fallen

Monday 11th November

Members of the North Petherton Trefoil Guild Knit and Natter Group have honoured the memory of the local people who fell in the Second World War in their own inimitable way. They are pictured standing by their display of knitted poppies surrounding the stone that dedicates the Memorial Playing Field in North Petherton to fallen of the Second World War. The Group were responsible for the impressive show of poppies twelve months ago commemorating the end of the First World War,.
The dedication stone itself has recently been cleaned and restored by the Town Council, with help from local business Wallace Stuart, and the North Petherton Playing Fields Trust, which is responsible for the playing field, has agreed a major new development project which will see a range of new facilities being provided to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day next May. Plans include for a colourful central unit consisting of a climbing frame with slide and play panels/tunnels, trampolines, swings, including traditional and basket types, a see-saw, roundabout, overhead rotator and climbing net. A multi-use games area, trim trail and a range of outdoor gym equipment could also be provided, all connected by a cycle track/footpath around the field with surfaced areas at intervals for informal play. Picnic benches, seating, landscaping with flower beds and trees are also recommended together with a recycling station for litter. The iconic wall will be retained and adapted, and a boules pitch created by volunteers as part of a community effort is also planned.

Educational Grants available

Monday 8th July

North Petherton Educational Trusts
NPET oversees two historic charities, The Sir Thomas Wroth Educational Trust and the Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation. These provide small financial grants for young people, aged between 16 and 25, who are resident in the parish of North Petherton and are in full time education, training or apprenticeship scheme. Applicants may receive grants in any, or all years, that they meet the criteria of residence. The parish includes North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Fordgate, Huntworth, Woolmersdon, Stockmoor, Wilstock and Somerset Bridge.
Grants may be awarded to cover specified book or software costs, specific equipment or tools, expedition travel, specialised clothing/uniform etc. Application forms can be found in the documents section

Railway Bridge re-opens

Friday 21st June

The new railway bridge at Huntworth will be open to traffic from 4:00 pm on 25th June, meaning that people accessing Moorland and the surrounding area will no longer have to use the lengthy diversion.

Memorial Playing Field Survey

Monday 17th June

The North Petherton Playing Fields Trust is consulting on plans to develop the Memorial Playing Field. A copy of consultation survey questionnaire is available in the documents section

Inspection of Accounts

Sunday 16th June

The inspection period for the Council's accounts will commence on 17th June. The statements and notices of the public rights can be found here or in the documents section of this site and on the various notice boards around the area

Annuial Town Meeting

Saturday 27th April

The Annual Town Meeting, listed in the meeting schedule as taking place on 29th April will take place in June so as not to interfere with the local election process. A new schedule of meetings will be agreed at the next Full Council meeting on 13th May 2019

Preliminary work begins

Wednesday 23rd January

Network Rail have today begun to construct the works compound prior to commencing the project to replace the railway bridge at Huntworth.

January Council Highlights

Tuesday 15th January

Community Centre Car Park
A large number of local residents attended the January Council meeting to express their concerns about plans by the North Petherton Community Centre Trustees to introduce a new management and charging system for the car park. A wide range of points were made by members of public about how the new proposals would cause problems, not only in operational terms, but also for the town and community in general. Although the trustees had published a paper explaining how the new system would work and why it was being introduced, it was felt that there should have been a proper consultation process. Cllr Bradford made it clear that the community centre and the car park did not fall within the purview of the Council, but he did recognise people’s concerns and frustrations. Members were particularly concerned that the issue should not lead to friction within the local community, nor jeopardise the high regard in which the Centre and its Management Committee were held. With this in mind it was agreed to ask for a meeting between the Committee and a small sgroup of councillors and residents, so that the various issues and opinions could be aired and a common understanding reached.
Precept agreed
The Council agreed its budget for 2019/20 and set a precept for the year of £150,000, equivalent to a band D council tax rate of £45.48 for the year, an increase of 4.38%. Within the budget was provision for taking on the costs of running the local library and youth services from the County Council. Members expressed their thanks to Cllr Spencer, the Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, for his hard work in preparing the budget and financial plan.
New street lights
Cllr Revans reported that he had received a number of requests to improve the street lighting in Old Road North Petherton. The service was the responsibility of the County Council, but the Town Council could pay for additional lights to be installed. It was agreed to ask for costings for up to two new lights.

Network Rail Q & A letter

Thursday 10th January

At last night's meeting with Network Rail in Moorland Village Hall, the corporation stated that they would be circulating a Q & A letter to residents relating to the Huntworth railway bridge project, due to commence next month. The letter will now, however, be delayed so that it can deal with matters raised at the meeting. It is expected to be issued next week,

November Council Highlights

Tuesday 20th November

Plans for new service area
Chris Dadds, from planning consultants JLL, gave members a progress report on proposals to develop 85 acres of land to the East of the motorway near Huntworth to provide a new service area and an industrial estate. Archaeological work was currently taking place and plans were due to be completed and submitted for approval within the next few months. Access to the development would be via a new roundabout and Members were keen to know how this would affect local traffic. It was agreed that Mr Dadds would arrange for the Council to have a site meeting so that the various issues could be explained more easily.
Community Centre Car Parking Changes
The Council had been invited to comment on changes to the Community Centre car park being proposed by the Centre’s committee. Problems were being caused by cars being left in the car park for long periods making it difficult for centre users and shoppers to find spaces. A number plate recognition system was being considered with free parking limited to 2 hours. Councillors were appreciative of the Committees objectives, but pointed out a number of potential practical problems and advised that the public should be fully consulted.
Wilstock Hub
Members were given a presentation on this important local project to provide a new community building and associated services and facilities in Wilstock. Land had been allocated and plans were now at the stage where major funding applications were due to be submitted. Significant financial support from the local council would be a key element of this process. The Council agreed in principle, and subject to a due diligence report from the clerk, to make a contribution of £150,000 to the project.
Civic Service
Members thanked the Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr and Mrs Bradford, for their hard work in organising this year’s Civic Service. The event, which included the awarding of the prestigious Alfred Jewel Awards to people who had made a major contribution to their local community, had taken place in North Newton on 4th November.

Annual Audit Completed

Tuesday 18th September

The annual audit of the Town council's accounts has now been completed. Copies of the annual return, the auditor's report and a note of elector's rights of inspection are available in the documents section or by clicking here. Copies have also been posted on the Council's notice boards

North Petherton Educational Trust Grants

Wednesday 1st August

Students, apprentices and trainees aged between 16 and 25 years, living in the parish of North Petherton, are able to apply for small educational grants from the Sir Thomas Wroth Charity and the Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation.
The parish includes North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Huntworth, Fordgate, Wolmersdon, Stockmoor, Wilstock and Somerset Bridge.

The grants are available towards the cost of books, software, specialised equipment, project travel, exhibitions, clothing and tools, but will not be awarded for daily travel or living expenses. Specific details of the items required and cost are necessary for your application to be considered. Applicants
may apply in any, or all years, that they meet the criteria of residence.

NEW application forms are available from the town council website by clicking here, and must be submitted by 31/10/18,
or by phoning:- 01278662725
or by emailing:-

June Council Highlights

Monday 11th June

Mayor highlights achievements
Following his re-election as Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford reminded Members of what the Council had achieved over the last couple of years. These included: supporting Moorland and North Newton village halls, North Petherton Community Centre, North Petherton library, playing fields in North Newton and North Petherton and the Youth Centre; making a significant contribution to the new cycleway from Stockmoor to Bridgwater; and playing its full part in the planning process to try and get the best results for the local communities. He was particularly pleased that the Council had set up the Wilstock and Stockmoor Forum as a means of bringing members of the new communities together to help address the various challenges that they were facing and as a means of holding the principal authorities and developers to account.

Flood alleviation project
Cllr Julian Taylor reported on the successful work that had been done to improve the retention of water on the upper reaches of water courses feeding into the area. Sabine McEwan from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group had submitted a report on what had been achieved already by the “Hills to Levels project”, and what the next steps would be. The scheme, which was a local initiative promoted by the Council, had also received a UK River prize.

North Petherton Library
Cllr Mrs Hyde reported on an initial meeting of the Friends of North Petherton Library which had been held on the previous evening and which had been attended by 40 members of the public as well as Councillors. Support for the formation of a friends group was very strong and a small steering group had been chosen to meet later on in the week. Cllr Hyde had also prepared a draft response to the County Council’s consultation exercise from the Council, setting out how important the library was to the town and surrounding area and how this importance would increase as a result of major changes that were taking place. This was enthusiastically endorsed by Members.

Youth Centre
The Council renewed it support for the Youth Centre project for another twelve months. Cllr Revans informed the meeting that there were now over 40 young people involved with average weekly attendances of around 15. He was asked to pass on the Council’s appreciation for the hard work undertaken by the organisers.

Huntworth Railway Bridge
Cllr Taylor reported on a meeting that had been held with officers of Network Rail earlier in the day about the plans to replace the railway bridge. This was a major issue for the local community as it involved long diversions for many weeks. Work was planned to begin in early 2019 and it had been agreed that the Council would be kept up to date on progress. Members agreed that it was vital that a public meeting be held by Network Rail and the Highways Authority to ensure that local people knew what was happening and had the chance to raise concerns.

Pentathlon Club
Members agreed to help the Pentathlon Club provide a grandstand for the carnival for another year by providing a grant of £1,600, as recognition of the considerable work done by the club for local people.

Council Annual Return

Thursday 7th June

Notice has been given of the public rights and publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return. The inspection period will run from 8th June to 19th July 2018. Copies of the notice, the annual return and details of the public's rights can be found on the Council's noticeboards and also in the notices section of this website

Council Accounting Statements 2018

Wednesday 6th June

Copies of North Petherton Town Council's Governance Statement and Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018 are available on the website, together with notices explaining electors' rights and how and when they can be exercised.

Click on the images enlarge them


Thursday 3rd May


The Town Council will consider filling, by co-option, two casual vacancies for Councillors at its meeting to be held on 14th May 2018 at Ferrydown House, North Petherton at 7:15 pm
Anyone interested in serving the community in this way and who wants to become a candidate for co-option should obtain an application form for candidacy from the Town Clerk
Completed application forms should be returned to the Clerk by 9th May 2018.
Information on eligibility, the role of the Town Council and its schedule of meetings may be obtained from the Town Clerk.

March Council Highlights

Thursday 8th March

Affordable Housing
Following the Council’s sponsorship of a housing needs survey in North Newton, Ms Esther Carter from Sedgemoor Council’s Affordable Housing Team, presented the findings to Members and outlined the process for taking a project forward to provide houses in the village to meet the need. It was agreed to discuss the matter in detail at the next meeting, with a view to appointing a steering group to drive things forward.

Library Service Review
Mr Ollie Woodhams from Somerset County Council answered Members’ questions about the consultation that was taking place about plans to reduce the library service. He stressed that no decisions would be made until later in the year when the results of the consultation had been considered, but, given the likelihood that cutbacks would be necessary, it was felt that discussions about future options with the Town Council would be helpful. The Council already provides financial support to maintain the opening hours of the library in North Petherton and, whilst it was felt strongly that further cutbacks to the service were unacceptable, Members agreed that Cllr Revans, Cllr Mrs Hyde, Cllr Bradford and the Clerk should meet with library officials to look at practical ways forward.
Speed Indication Devices
Further to previous discussions about the County Council’s decision to no longer fund the provision of Speed Indication Devices, the Council looked at the relative costs and benefits of purchasing and operating its own equipment or joining a county wide scheme and paying the County Council to provide the service on an as and when needed basis. It was felt that the latter was likely to be the best option and Cllr Spencer agreed to attend a meeting later in the month when the county system would be explained in more detail.

Planning Decisions
Members expressed their concerns that planning permissions were being granted for major developments in the area without adequate considering being given to the impact that they would have on the existing highway and amenity infrastructure and environmental issues, particularly flooding. It was agreed that a meeting should be arranged to discuss these issues with the Planning Authority.

Christmas Lights Winner Announced

Tuesday 9th January

Tony and Kath Whitrow have been named as the first winners of North Petherton Town Council’s Christmas Decorations Competition and are pictured receiving the cup from the Town Mayor Cllr Bradford, whilst fellow judges Cllrs Julian Taylor and Richard Ives look on.
Individual lighting displays have become an important part of the Christmas experience, helping to make it a special time of year for everyone. The Council agreed in November to recognise the efforts that people go to and present a cup for the best display in its area.
Cllr Bradford, who provided the cup, was very impressed with the standard and variety of decorations. “It was a very difficult decision”, he said. “There were very impressive efforts across our whole area, and although Tony and Kath’s display at Crosswell Close, North Petherton was the unanimous choice of the judges, there were others that we felt also deserved to be Highly Commended”.
Highly commended displays were:
Stockmoor 9 Romney Road, 4 Sika Walk.
several other houses on Charolais Drive Angus Way and Channing Drive.
Wilstock. Houses in Lotus Drive on the corner of Jasmine Close. Houses in Lillianna way and Barberry drive were absolutely first class.

Fordgate. Chapel Road. An outstanding display by nearly all the houses.

Moorland Riverbank Moorland. Church Road. diagonally opposite to the church)

North Newton Maunsel Road.

North Petherton All of Maple Close, also School Fields

Christmas Lights

Wednesday 6th December

The Mayor of North Petherton, Councillor Alan Bradford, has announced that this year the cup that he donated will be presented to the house with the best Christmas lights display in the area. In previous years the award was made to the best dressed shop. “ I thought that the time had come for a change”, said Cllr Bradford. “There are so may beautiful displays of lights in our area now, and people clearly put such a lot of effort into celebrating this special time of year, that I thought it would be nice to recognise their efforts”. A panel of judges will be walking around the Council’s area in the run up to Christmas, but if anyone wants to make sure that their display is not missed they should contact the Town Clerk at

Wilstock and Stockmoor Forum

Friday 24th November

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Notice Of Poll

Wednesday 15th November

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SPARK Community Funding Event

Monday 6th November

SPARK are organising a Dragon's Den style funding event. Groups can apply for a grant of up to £10,000 and the grants will be awarded that night. To enter, they need to complete a straightforward EOI by 1 December. Those groups who are successful will be invited to pitch their project at the 'Funding Den' event on Tuesday 30th January at the Princess Theatre at Burnham on Sea.
They are looking to make this a real community event and will be encouraging audience participation. Each member of the audience will be asked to vote for their top 3 causes.

You can find more details about the event on the SPARK website, including downloadable promotional material, terms and conditions, application form and information on how to book a place in the audience.

By Election on 23rd November

Monday 30th October

A by election will be held on 23rd November 2017 to fill the vacancy in the Council's North Petherton ward following the recent resignation of Cllr Mrs Phillips. A Statement of Persons Nominated can be found in the documents section.

Notice Of Election

Monday 23rd October

The nomination pack can be found here

October Council Highlights

Sunday 8th October

Busy month for Mayor.
Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford reported that he had attended a number of successful events in September, not least of which was his wedding! He had joined in with the harvest celebrations in Stockmoor and visited the rare breeds event at Junction 24. He and Deputy Mayor Cllr Mrs Marion Denham had also judged a new Art Competition organised by the Pentathlon Carnival where over a 100 entries had been submitted by children from North Newton and Somerset Bridge Schools. Cllr Bradford said how impressed he was by the standard of the entries and was looking forward to presenting the cup, which he had donated, to the winner. Cllr Mrs Denham reported on her visit to the Axbridge Fair, which she said had been very enjoyable.
Public Meeting planned in Moorland.
A public meeting is to be held in Moorland Village Hall, at a date be arranged, to discuss Network Rail’s plans to upgrade the railway bridge in Huntworth. Local councillor Julian Taylor reported that he had been in contact with the manager at Network Rail and the County Highways department because he was very concerned over the plan to close the road for 14 weeks in the new year in order for the work to take place. This would have a major impact on the lives of local people, and he believed from experience elsewhere, that alternative approaches were available. It was understood that Network Rail were happy to attend a meeting and it was hoped that someone from the County Highways Department would also come.
New Councillor welcomed.
Members welcomed new Councillor Luke Parchment to his first Full Council meeting. Cllr Parchment, who had been the successful candidate at the recent by election, was appointed to the vacancy on the Cemetery Sub Committee and was also asked to assist with the work of the Communications Group. Following the recent resignation of Mrs Helen Phillips, another by election had been called by local residents, which was scheduled to take place on 23rd November 2017.
Men’s Sheds
Colin Gorton, on behalf of Somerset Levels and Moors Sheds, gave Members a presentation on the local Men’s Shed group which provides opportunities for people to meet and socialise whilst using their skills and talents to undertake practical projects. The Group was having to relocate from their present premises and the Council agreed to provide whatever help it could.
New Housing Proposals
Persimmon Homes had been conducting an initial consultation exercise on their plans to build 80 new dwellings in North Petherton. It was reported that a meeting had been arranged on Tuesday 10th October in the Community Centre at 2:00 pm to discuss these proposals with Councillors. Members of the public would be welcome to attend.

Proposed New Development

Tuesday 3rd October

North Petherton Town Councillors will be meeting representatives of Persimmon Homes on Tuesday 10th October at 2:00 pm in the North Petherton Community Centre (small hall) to discuss the Developer’s plans to build 80 new dwellings in North Petherton.
This meeting is open to the public.

Trust Meeting Cancelled

Monday 25th September

The meeting of the North Petherton Playing Fields Charitable Trust, scheduled for 25th September 2017 at Ferrydown House, North Petherton has been cancelled.

Audit completed

Wednesday 13th September

The Council's auditors have completed their work on the Council's accounts for 2016-17 and have issued their certificate. Copies of the official notice and their report can be found below.

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Council Vacancy

Friday 1st September

Following the resignation of Cllr Mrs Helen Phillips, there is now a vacancy on the Town Council. The appropriate notice can be found here

North Petherton Educational Trust

Friday 1st September

North Petherton Educational Trusts

Applications for funding from the Sir Thomas Wroth Educational Trust and the Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation are now being invited

These charities provide small financial grants for young people, aged between 16 and 25, who are resident in the historic parish of North Petherton and are in full time education or on a training or apprenticeship programme. Forms and more information can be found here

Notice of Election

Thursday 10th August

An election is to be held for a town councillor for the North Petherton War on 14th September 2017. Nomination papers may be obtained during normal office hours from the returning Officer at Sedgemoor Council Offices, Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater. Completed nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer at the Council Offices during office hours by no later than 4:00 pm on Thursday 17th August 2017.
A copy of the notice can be found in the documents section

July Council Highlights

Monday 10th July

Council seeks action on dangerous highway issues

Serious concerns were raised by the public at the Town Council’s meeting on Monday night (July 3rd) about the continuing safety issues caused by large goods vehicles trying to negotiate narrow lanes Problems were particularly acute in North Petherton, with lorries trying to get to Haddons Farm, and in and around North Newton. Residents’ properties were being repeatedly damaged and roads were being continually blocked. The Council had been trying for sometime to arrange a meeting with the County Council Highways team, but had not been successful, with the latest efforts being interrupted by the recent elections. Town Mayor Cllr Alan Bradford made it clear, however, that this was a meeting that needed to happen soon and that he would be in contact with the new Cabinet Member for Transport, County Cllr John Woodman, to bring this about. The Council agreed that Cllr Bradford, together with Cllr Mrs Hyde and Cllr Revans should take this matter forward.

Ideas sought for Chapel Building

Following a meeting of the Cemetery Committee, the Council agreed that action needed to be taken to secure the future of the grade 2 listed Chapel building at the cemetery. This could be a valuable community, as well as architectural, asset to the area and Members agreed to seek imaginative ways in which its future could be secured.

More Defibrillators

Cllrs Mrs Denham and Cllr Mrs Phillips reported on the work that they had done with local support groups to increase the number of defibrillators in the area. The Council agreed to provide £3,000 to take the project forward and to pay for the provision of an electrical supply in Wilstock so that one could be provided there.

Wilstock and Stockmoor

Members of the public again raised concerns about traffic and other issues in the villages of Wilstock and Stockmoor and about the continuing difficulty of getting the responsible developers to take any action. The Council agreed to write to the developers and to the County and District Councils to urge them to take action. It also took another step forward in setting up the Council’s own dedicated committee to work with local people to address the problems

Councillor Gareth Jones Resigns

Wednesday 5th July

Cllr Gareth Jones has resigned from the Town Council for personal reasons. We thank him for his service and wish him and his family all the best for the future. A Notice of Vacancy has been issued., which can be found in the documents section and on local notice boards.

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Council publishes accounting statements

Thursday 22nd June

Copies of North Petherton Town Council's Governance Statement and Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017 are available on the website, together with notices explaining electors' rights and how and when they can be exercised.

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Clarification Gladman Homes

Monday 5th June

Town Councillors will be meeting with representatives of Gladman Homes so that they can be briefed on the proposals for new residential development in North Pertherton. This is an informal meeting and is not open to the public. The Council will, should a planning application be submitted, consider it in public in the normal way. Given the interest that has arisen in the proposals so far, the Council will discuss with the developer the possibility of their holding a meeting with the public.

May Council Highlights

Wednesday 10th May

Town Mayor re-elected

Councillor Alan Bradford was re-elected as the Mayor of North Petherton at the Town Council’s Annual Meeting held on Monday evening 8th May. In proposing Cllr Bradford for what is his fourth term, Cllr Phillip Spencer said “He is doing such a fine job, he must continue.” The proposal was seconded by Cllr Bill Revans and was approved unanimously. Cllr Mrs Marion Denham was elected as Deputy Mayor. In accepting the position, Cllr Bradford thanked the Councillors and the Clerk for their support over the last 12 months and particularly drew attention to the contribution from Cllr Julian Taylor, who had been his Deputy for the previous three years

New Committee set up for Wilstock and Stockmoor

Councillors Mrs Helen Phillips, Mrs Lucinda Spelman, Gareth Jones, Pete MacLaurin and Richard Ives were appointed to the new Wilstock and Stockmoor Committee, along with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The Committee, which will also include members from local organisations and the community, has been established to bring together representatives of all the major stakeholders in the two new villages to make sure that current and longer term issues are addressed and the full potential of the area is realised. Other appointments included: Cllr James Barham as Chairman of the Allotments Committee, Cllr Spencer as Chairman of the Finance Committee and as Chairman of the Cemetery Committee, and Cllr Bill Revans as the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Support for the “Great Get Together”

The Council had received a letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset asking them to support the Great Get Together which had been launched by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, to remember Jo Cox on the anniversary of her death, by encouraging communities to meet and have fun with their neighbours, young and old, by finding a reason to be together because Jo cared about the lonely. Members enthusiastically supported the initiative and Cllrs Mrs Denham and Cllr Mrs Hyde agreed to take the matter forward.

The Year Ahead

In his closing remarks, Cllr Bradford outlined what he felt were some of the main objectives for the Council for the year ahead. He said that it was time that a site was found for a new scout hut in North Petherton and hoped that progress could be made in improving the car park in Parkersfield Playing Fields. However he felt that the Council needed to also take on some of the big issues facing the area and referred particularly to the need for a new

April Council Highlights

Tuesday 4th April

Parents thank Council

In an unprecedented move, local parents came to the council meeting to thank Members in person for their help and support in the successful fight to overturn the County Council’s decision to stop the school bus service from North Petherton to the Robert Blake School in Bridgwater. Local parent Helen Warren said how grateful all the families were for everything that the Council had done to help them and thanked the Mayor, Cllr Bradford, in particular, for encouraging them to believe that they would succeed. Cllr Bradford, in praising the parents and their supporters, said that the decision of the Independent Appeal Panel was a “victory for common sense”.

Problems with new Cycle Path

Peter Winn, a local cyclist, told Members about the problems he and others were having with the new cycle route out of North Petherton towards Bridgwater. He said that glass, thorns and chippings were causing punctures on a regular basis which was proving costly and highly inconvenient to people trying to use the route. Cllr Bradford said that he would take the matter up with Sedgemoor Council’s Clean Surroundings team to get the cycleway swept on a regular basis.

Support for Defibrillators

Local resident Andy Newland talked to Members about the importance of having publicly accessible defibrillators available in the area and offered his help to Cllr Mrs Denham and Cllr Mrs Phillips who were in the process of finalising the Council’s detailed plans. The Council reaffirmed its support for this important project.

Affordable Housing in North Newton

Cllr Bradford presented a report on proposals to carry out a Housing Needs Survey in North Newton, the first step in providing houses that would be affordable for local people. Members agreed to support the proposals and to fund the survey if necessary.

Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting will be taking place at Ferrydown House, North Petherton at 7:00 pm on Monday 10th April. This meeting is open to all residents to raise issues and concerns that affect the area. It was agreed that every effort should be made to publicise the event, which would include further explanation of the neighbourhood planning process, and to encourage as many people as possible to attend. It was also agreed to continue with the idea of holding some council meetings in local village halls. Two each would be held in Moorland and North Newton Village Halls in the coming months.

New Committee Structure

Councillors discussed options to change their committee structure to help to tackle current issues, particularly in Wilstock and Stockmoor and to drive forward the Neighbourhood Plan. They agreed to consult members of the community on the proposals, with a view to finalising them at the next meeting.

What is the North Petherton Neighbourhood Plan?

Tuesday 14th February

The North Petherton Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for local people to have an impact on the type of issues that affect North Petherton. Whilst the plan is about land use planning; housing, business, green space, leisure facilities, those sorts of things; it provides an opportunity for local people and organisations to develop their own ideas about the place where they live, work and visit and for these ideas to work alongside Sedgemoor’s Local Plan; the primary governing document for planning in the local area.
Is this plan likely to have any impact on Local Planning?
Neighbourhood Planning has, at its core, government legislation and support. The Localism Act, passed at the end of 2011 has been followed by a series of Regulations, providing guidance and a legal framework. Sedgemoor Local Planning Authority must follow this guidance and it provides an opportunity for communities to guide planning in their own areas.
How is this different to the Local Plan being reviewed by Sedgemoor District?
Like the Local Plan, The Neighbourhood Plan is very much about land use planning. However, the Local Plan is much more strategic; it covers the whole of the District Council areas and is about wider issues. Whilst the Neighbourhood Plan cannot conflict with the Local Plan or other strategies or policies, it can add local views, opinions and policies at a far higher level of detail about what local people want in their local area. The two plans work very closely together.
Who is running and paying for this process?
Inevitably, this process costs money to run. North Petherton Town Council are providing the funds. However, it is seen as very much a joint venture between the town council and the local community; drawing in a wide range of local interests driving the project ahead (commerce, education and residents, for example). We have also called in help from independent specialists as well as drawing in help from Sedgemoor District who are being very helpful in providing support and assistance.

Broadband Connection Scheme

Monday 7th November

The Connecting Devon and Somerset Broadband scheme provides anyone with a broadband speed of less than 2 Mbps with a voucher of £500 towards the cost of a new broadband connection. The scheme will close on 30th November. Further information can be found on the CDS website at

Trust Meeting cancelled

Sunday 25th September

The meeting of the North Petherton Playing Fields Charitable Trust, scheduled for Monday 26th September 2016 has been cancelled.. It will be re-arranged for a future date.

Audit of Accounts

Monday 19th September

The audit of the Council's accounts was completed on 9th September 2016. There were no matter of report.

North Petherton Educational Trust

Friday 19th August

Small financial grants are available to young people (16 to 25 years) living in the parish of North Petherton who are in education or training. The funding comes from the Sir Thomas Wroth Charity and The Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation. Grants can be put towards the cost of books, equipment, travel, exhibitions and specialised clothing.

The parish includes North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Woolmersdon, Stockmoor, Wilstock and Somerset Bridge.

Application forms can be obtained by writing to:
Mrs J Anthony, 1 Bridgwater Road, North Pertherton, TA6 6PW

All applications must be received by Friday 28th October 2016, and will be considered shortly after

Annual Accounts 2016

Friday 24th June

The period during which electors can exercise their rights to inspect the Council's accounts commenced on 23rd June 2016 and will last for 30 working days. Copies of the Statement of Accounts, the Governance Statement and details of electors' rights can be found below. They have also been posted on the Council's notice boards. The accounts are subject to audit at this stage.

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Special Council Meeting

Thursday 9th June

There will be a special meeting of the Town Council at Ferrydown House North Petherton on Monday 13th June 2016 at 7:15 pm. The main item of business will be to discuss the Council's contribution to the proposed walkway/cycle path from Stockmoor to Bridgwater

The Queen's Birthday

Friday 27th May

Communities and organisations throughout the area will be holding events on 11th and 12th June to celebrate the Queen's special birthday. Parties, to which all are welcome, will be held in Wilstock, Stockmoor, North Newton, Moorland and North Petherton over the weekend. The Council was pleased to provide support for the events and hopes that as many local residentsas possible will take up the opportunity to have a good time on this very special occassion.

Playinf Fields Trust AGM

Thursday 19th May

The next meeting of the North Petherton Playing Fields Charitable Trust will be held at Ferrydown House in North Petherton on 23rd May 2016 at 7:15pm. This will also be the Trust's AGM

Mayor re-elected

Wednesday 11th May

Cllr Alan Bradford was re-elected as Mayor of North Petherton at the Town Council's AGM on Monday evening (9th May). It will be Cllr Bradford's third term. In accepting the position, he said he was grateful and surprised to be given the honour of serving for another year as Mayor. Cllr Julian Taylor was elected as Deputy Mayor.

Council's AGM

Monday 2nd May

The Annual General Meeting of the Council will be held at 7:15 pm at Ferrydown House in North Petherton on 9th May 2016. This is part of the Council's new arrangements with meetings being held on Monday evenings at 7:15 pm, normally at Ferrydown House, although some will take place at other venues around the area to give everyone a chance to come and see the Council in action.
There is no meeting on 3rd May. The meeting schedule shown in the Meetings section of the website is in the process of being updated.

Annual Town Meeting

Monday 11th April

Our Annual Town Meeting will be taking place at Ferrydown House (the former United Reformed Church) in North Petherton on Monday 25th April at 7:15 pm. This is your opportunity to raise issues that are affecting our community and take part in discussions about what should be done to address them. Whilst the meeting will be chaired by the Town Mayor, and members of the town council will be present, it is not a normal council meeting, so everyone attending can take an active part.

Meeting postponed

Tuesday 8th March

The meeting of the Playing Fields Trust Management Committee scheduled for 8th March 2016 has been cancelled.

Council seeks candidates to fill vacancies

Friday 26th February

The Town Council is looking to co-opt three new members to fill vacancies that have arisen in the North Petherton Ward (2) and the North Newton ward (1). If you live in the area or have a local connection and would like to become a town councillor, please contact our Clerk (tel 01823 431702 or email and he will explain in more detail what is involved and let you have a form to fill in. There are a number of significant issues facing our community at the moment and the Council is determined to play its part in addressing them, (for example by developing a neighbourhood plan), as well as continuing to improve the services that we provide and carrying on the fight to get a fair deal for our communities with regard to services provided by others. To do this we need to be at full strength, so please think seriously about joining us.

Town's First Freeman

Saturday 2nd January

History was made last Monday (14th December) in North Petherton when Anne Hodges was created the town's first Honorary Freeman. This is the highest honour that a town council can bestow upon someone, and it was given to Anne in recognition, not only of her distinguished service as a town councillor for 28 years, but also for her work for local charities and the Girl Guides movement.

At the presentation, which took place at Ferrydown House in North Petherton on Monday evening, the Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, paid tribute to her as a councillor and valued member of the community but, especially, as a friend who could always be relied upon for support and sound advice. His views were echoed by other members of the Council, who thanked Anne for all that she had done for them.

Mrs Hodges responded by saying how pleased she was to receive such an honour, but said that much credit was due particularly to her family, but also to her friends and former colleagues on the Council.

Christmas in North Petherton

Monday 30th November

As the festive season approaches, the Council will be providing wall mounted Christmas trees to those business premises along the High Street in North Petherton that have indicated that they would like one. If, for some reason, we haven't been in touch and you would like a tree, please let the Clerk know as soon as possible.
The annual window dressing competition will also be taking place again, so please make every effort o impress our judges and win the coveted trophy!

Refugee Crisis

Monday 9th November

At its meeting on 3rd November, the Council urged people in the area to do what they could to help people affected by the refugee crisis. Details of how to help can be found on the facebook page of People to People Solidarity - Taunton Deane or by contacting other local charities.

Council Extends Deadline

Sunday 8th November

The Town Council has agreed to postpone a decision to co-opt a new Member until its meeting on 17th November 2015, in order to give local people more opportunity to put themselves forward. More information can be obtained from the Town Clerk.

North Petherton Town Council Gifted Flood Painting

Saturday 17th October

Derek Yeomans, Somerset County Councillor, has presented a print of a painting he commissioned to North Petherton Town Council to commemorate the spirit and resilience shown by local communities in Somerset during the winter floods of 2013/2014. He also granted the Council the right to reproduce the artwork for future fundraising activities.

The Council, at the meeting held on 6th October, recorded its thanks and appreciation to Cllr Yeomans, not only for the gift, but also for his invaluable work within the County Council to address flooding issues.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Julian Taylor is pictured receiving the print from Cllr Yeomans.

To see the print Click here

Casual Vacancy

Saturday 17th October

A vacancy has arisen for a Councillor to represent the North Petherton ward of the Town Council. We hope to fill the vacancy by co-option at our meeting on 3rd November 2015. Anyone interested in serving the community in this way and wants to be considered for the vacancy should obtain an application form from Rod Latham, our Town Clerk, to be returned by 26th October 2015. Rod should also be contacted if you need any further information on such things as eligibility, roles and functions of the council and so on.

Click here to download the application form

Witness appeal after criminal damage in North Petherton

Saturday 5th September

Avon and Somerset Constabulary are appealing for witnesses after several incidents of criminal damage costing hundreds of pounds were committed in North Petherton.

Between the 29 August and 1 September 2015, nine cars had their tyres slashed in the Baymead Meadow, Baymead Lane, Watery Lane and Ellen Close areas of the town.

PCSO Georgina Long said: “We are appealing for witnesses to any of these incidents. Nine vehicle owners have had multiple tyres slashed, which obviously has a financial implication in addition to being extremely inconvenient.

“If you saw anything, or you have been a victim of a similar incident then please get in touch with me by calling 101 and quoting reference number 95648/15.”

North Petherton Educational Trusts

Friday 4th September

Application for funding from the Sir Thomas Wroth Educational Trust and the Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation is now available.

These charities provide small financial grants for young people between the age of 16 and 25, who are residents of North Petherton, and who are attending college or University, or are on a training or apprenticeship programme in the early years of employment to assist with their education or training.

More information on who is eligible, and what these grants can cover, can be found in the application form included below.

Click here to download the application form and apply for these grants.