The fees and charges set out below apply where the deceased person, or the person to whom an exclusive right of burial has been granted is, or immediately before death was, a resident in the area covered by the Town Council of North Petherton. They also apply, at the discretion of the Town Clerk, to persons who were formerly residents of the town, but who had to move to residential care by virtue of their health.

In all other cases, the fees and charges will be at the higher rate, except that those set out in Part 3 below will not be increased when the exclusive right of burial in question was purchased at the single rate in Part 2.

Part 1 – Interments
(Including grave digging)

1 For the interment in a grave:

(a) Of the body of a child under the age of 18: No charge

(b) Of the body of a person over the age of 18 : £660 (£885)

2 For the interment of cremated remains: £200 (£285 )

3 Exhumation: The reburial fee is three times the interment fee. Cremated remains twice the interment fee.

Part 2 – Exclusive Rights of Burial in Earthen Graves:

1 For the exclusive right of burial in a grave, 8ft. x 4ft.
  (a) In the Lawn Section: £280 (£560)
  (b) In the Traditional Section: £280 (£560)

2 For the exclusive right of burial of cremated remains in an earthen grave in the Garden of Remembrance, 10 inches x 10 inches: £115 (£230)

3. For the purchase of an exclusive right of burial for a child under 10 years of age: £25 (£50)

4. For the purchase of an exclusive right of burial for a child Under one year or still born: No charge

Part 3 – Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets and Monumental inscriptions:

For the right to erect or place on a grave, or cremation plot in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted:

1 A memorial stone not exceeding 3 ft 6 inches in height in the Lawn Section: £120

2 In the Traditional Section only:
  (a) A flat stone not exceeding 8 ft x 3 ft: £120.00
  (b) A footstone not exceeding 1 ft 6 inches in height: £120.00
  (c) Kerb or border stones enclosing a space not exceeding 8ft x 4ft: £130.00
  (d) Kerb or border stones enclosing a space exceeding 8ft x 4ft: £110.00
  (e) A vase not exceeding 15 inches in height incorporated in (c) or (d) above: £60.00
  (f) An open book or tablet incorporated in (c) or (d) above: £60.00

The fees in this section include the first inscription.
Additional inscription an additional charge of £30.00

3 In the Garden of Remembrance, only standard vases, and tablets, which must be ordered through the Town Council are permitted. Tablets and vases can only be placed on grave spaces where the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased.
  (a) Tablet and inscription ( inc vat ) £132.00
  (b) Double tablet and inscription (inc vat) £144.00
  (c) Vase, plain (inc vat) £102.00
  (d) Lettered vase 21 letters (inc vat) £126.00 £126.00

The higher rate for Part 3 shall be double the above fees.

Part 4 – Cemetery Chapel:

Use of Chapel for burial service: £65.00.

Part 5 – Minister’s Fees:

Should be paid direct to the Minister.