North Petherton Town Council

Twinning Association

The twinning link between the parish of North Petherton and the commune of Ceauce in southern Normandy was established in 1993. We promote links and cultural understanding between the two communities, including their clubs and schools, and visit each otheron alternate years. Over the years we have taken our friends to many places including Bath, Wells, Cheddar, Exeter, and Sidmouth. We enjoy many social fundraising events throughout the year to which all are welcome. Watch out for the latest news in the United Benefice Link. For any other information,or if you wish to join us, please contact Mrs Rosemary Day on or 01278 663074

North Petherton Educational Trust

Small financial grants are available to young people (16 to 25 years) living in the parish of North Petherton who are in education or training. The funding comes from the Sir Thomas Wroth Charity and The Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation. Grants can be put towards the cost of books, equipment, travel, exhibitions and specialised clothing.

The parish includes North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Woolmersdon, Stockmoor, Wilstock and Somerset Bridge.

Application forms can be obtained by writing to: Mrs J Anthony, 1 Bridgwater Road, North Pertherton, TA6 6PW

Or downloaded from here

All applications must be received by Wednesday 31st October 2018, and will be considered shortly after

Wilstock Hub

Wilstockhub is a not-for-profit charitable company (shortly to become a registered charity) set up to fund, build and run a community hub. This will be a focal point with facilities to enable greater local community activities and to increase community cohesion, thereby improving the quality of life of residents.

To find out more visit their website

Parkersfield for Kids

Parkersfield for kids is a facebook page where you can find out what is happening in Parkersfield playing field. Visit their facebook page here