Next Meeting

Date: Monday 25th June
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: North Petherton Community Center
Type: W & S Forum
Agenda: 2018-06-25 W & S Forum Agenda.docx

Latest News

Monday 11th June
June Council Highlights

Mayor highlights achievements Following his re-election as Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford reminded Members of what the Council had achieved over the last couple of years. These included: supporting Moorland and North Newton village halls, North Petherton Community Centre, North Petherton library, playing fields in North Newton and North Petherton and the Youth Centre; making a significant ... Full article

N. Petherton Playing Fields Trust AGM
Monday 16th July
8:30 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the North Petherton Playing Fields Charitable Trust will take place in the small hall at North Petherton Community Centre on 16th July 2018 on the rising of the Town Council Planning Meeting - approximately 8:30 pm